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Public Health Facilities

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Health Facility Listing


Cedros Health CentreSt. Marie Street, Bonasse(868)-690-1440Health CentreSWRHA
Chatham Health CentreMain Road, Belle View Health CentreSWRHA
Claxton Bay Health CentreSouthern Main Road, Claxton Bay(868)-659-1646Health CentreSWRHA
Couva District Health FacilityMain Road, Couva(868) 636-4024, (868) 225-HEALDistrict Health FacilitySWRHA
Debe Health CentreWellington Road, Debe(868)-647-6247Health CentreSWRHA
Erin Health CentreMain Road, Buenos Ayres(868)-649-8562Health CentreSWRHA
Flanagin Town Health CentreMain Rd, Flanagin Town(868)-636-2982Health CentreSWRHA
Freeport Health CentreSt. Mary's Junction, Freeport(868)-673-0021Health CentreSWRHA
Fyzabad Health CentreMain Road, Fyzabad(868)-677-2034Health CentreSWRHA
Gasparillo Health CentreChurch Street, Gasparillo(868)-650-1020Health CentreSWRHA
Gran Couva Bay Health CentreMain Road, Gran Couva(868)-679-9134Health CentreSWRHA
Granville Health CentreSyfo Road, Granville(868)-648-2736Health CentreSWRHA
Guapo Health CentreHubertson Young Street, Guapo(868)-648-2208Health CentreSWRHA
Icacos Health Centre Main Road, Icacos(868)-648-2724Health CentreSWRHA
Indian Walk Health CentrePetite Cafe, Moruga(868)-655-2478Health CentreSWRHA
La Brea Health CentreNew Lands, La Brea(868)-648-7562Health CentreSWRHA
La Romaine Health CentreZaida Lane, La Romain(868)-657-1673Health CentreSWRHA
Lengua Health CentreCipero and Papourie Roads, Lengua(868)-656-5280Health CentreSWRHA
Marabella Health CentreMarket Street, Marabella(868)-658-0470Health CentreSWRHA
Moruga Health CentreLanse Mitan, Moruga(868)-656-7022Health CentreSWRHA
Palo Seco Health CentreMain Road, Palo Seco(868)-649-4482Health CentreSWRHA
Penal Health CentreSouthern Main Road, Penal(868)-647-4417Health CentreSWRHA
Penal Rock Road Health Centre4 1/2 mile marker, Penal Rock Road(868)-647-0892Health CentreSWRHA
Pleasantville Health CentreChaconia Avenue and Prince Albert Streets, Pleasantville(868)-653-0521Health CentreSWRHA
Point Fortin Area HospitalVolunteer Road, Mahaica, Point Fortin(868)-648-3234HospitalSWRHA
Point Fortin Health CentreTechier Main Road, Point Fortin(868)-648-2329Health CentreSWRHA
Princes Town Health CentreCircular Road, Princes Town(868) 655-8433, (868) 225-HEALDistrict Health FacilitySWRHA
Rochard Douglas Health CentreRochard Douglas Road(868)-654-1641Health CentreSWRHA
Roy Joseph Health CentreGomez Street, San Fernando(868)-652-0806District Health FacilitySWRHA
San Fernando General/Teaching HospitalIndependence Avenue, San Fernando(868) 652-3581, (868) 225-HEALHospitalSWRHA
Siparia District Health FacilityHigh Street, Siparia(868)-649-2380Health CentreSWRHA
South Oropouche Health CentreMain Road, Oropouche(868)-677-7305Health CentreSWRHA
Ste. Madeleine Health CentreManahambre Road, Ste. Madeleine(868)-653-2303Health CentreSWRHA
Tabaquite Health CentreMain Road, Tabaquite(868)-636-2989Health CentreSWRHA
Tableland Health CentreNaparima/Mayaro Road, George Village(868)-656-3500Health CentreSWRHA
Todd's Road Health CentreFlecher Road, Todd's Road(868)-671-5176Health CentreSWRHA
Williamsville Health CentreMain Road, Williamsville(868)-655-1751Health CentreSWRHA

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