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Health Facilities Opening Hours for the Carnival Season The Ministry of Health wishes to advise that 24-hour care is available at the A+E Departments of the General Hospitals and at District Health Facilities. Click for full schedule.2/5/2016 view
Meeting with the Non-alcoholic Beverage Manufacturers The discussions focused on developing a collaborative strategy to reduce the growing problem of childhood obesity...2/4/2016 view
World Cancer Day 2016 We can prevent cancer by making healthy lifestyle choices2/4/2016 view
Possible Sexual Transmission of the Zika Virus The Ministry of Health will continue to actively monitor new developments about how Zika is transmitted and its impact on health...2/3/2016 view
Ministry of Health Mosquito Eradication Exercise in Diego Martin The Honourable Terrence Deyalsingh, Minister of Health led the first of a series of planned mosquito eradication exercises on Tuesday 2nd February, 2016...2/2/2016 view
Zika Being Treated as a Public Health Emergency Minister of Health, the Honourable Terrence Deyalsingh announced that he would now be treating the Zika virus as a public health emergency...1/29/2016 view
Featured: Nurse Erica Joseph Christom Erica Joseph Christom entered the nursing profession on 1st April 1982 and became a registered nurse in September 1985...1/28/2016 view
World Leprosy Day - January 31st The international day of observance is January 31st and the Ministry of Health wishes to raise awareness of this still relevant issue.1/28/2016 view
Aerobics Burnout! The Ministry of Health invites you to its Aerobics Burnout on 2nd and 4th February, 2016! Free drinks and giveaways! Click for details...1/27/2016 view
Medical Treatment and Care After Potential Exposure to HIV Medical treatment is available for persons who may have been in contact with HIV infected blood and other infected body fluids through needle stick injury, sexual contact or injury where bodily fluids are exchanged.1/26/2016 view
Protect Your Ears from Noise this Carnival Season! Get some tips on how you can protect your hearing during the Carnival Season1/26/2016 view
Remember to Drink Responsibly this Carnival Season! Click to find out how to have healthy fun this season1/26/2016 view
Drugs, Alcohol and HIV ...Adolescents and youth engage in behaviours which often place them at risk for HIV infection during and outside of the Carnival season...1/26/2016 view
Protect Yourself Against HIV this Carnival Protect Yourself Against HIV and Other Sexually Transmitted Diseases!1/26/2016 view
Carnival Food Safety See Food Safety Tips for Consumers and Vendors1/26/2016 view
Featured: Dr. Curt Bodkyn Dr. Curt Bodkyn is a Paediatric Oncology Consultant, lecturer in Child Health with the University of the West Indies and head of the Paediatric Oncology Unit at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex.1/25/2016 view
Featured: Dr. Fidel Rampersad Dr. Fidel Rampersad practices Diagnostic and Therapeutic Radiology, seeking to enhance the standing of Radiology in Trinidad.1/25/2016 view
Condolences to the family of Ms. Seedaye Ramkissoon The Ministry of Health notes with sadness the passing of 56 year old Seedaye Ramkissoon...1/23/2016 view
Food Safety during the Carnival Season The Ministry of Health would like to share tips on how citizens can protect themselves and their loved ones from unsafe food and water, especially during the Carnival period1/15/2016 view
Opening of Wards 18 and 20 at the EWMSC Two new wards opened at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex1/15/2016 view
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