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No suspected case of Ebola in Trinidad and Tobago The Ministry of Health wishes to advise that there is no suspected case of Ebola in Trinidad and Tobago at this time.12/19/2014 view
New steps in the fight against Chik V and Dengue The Insect Vector Control Division (IVCD) recently began two new initiatives to reduce the number of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes...12/18/2014 view
Ride Walk Run for Life (Highlights) 18th October, 2014: A sea of pink flooded the roads of Macqueripe as supporters of Breast Cancer awareness converged at the Beach for the "Ride, Walk Run for Life"11/30/2014 view
World AIDS Day 2014 "Focus, Partner, Achieve: An AIDS free Generation" Click for details and testing centres across the country.11/30/2014 view
PAHO/WHO visiting Team of Experts to Assist with Ebola Threat The Ministry of Health welcomed a team of experts from PAHO/WHO [...] to offer technical assistance [...] in dealing with the threat of the Ebola Virus Disease.11/21/2014 view
Protecting Our Future: Consultation on Interim Nutrition Standards Consultation meeting to ensure that schools [...] sell foods that are delicious but healthy11/17/2014 view
ERHA Public Board Meeting The Eastern Regional Health Authority cordially invites you [...] to its Public Board Meeting. Friday November 21st, 2014.11/16/2014 view
World Diabetes Day 2014 Off to the RIght Start: Healthy Eating Begins with Breakfast!11/14/2014 view
No Ifs No Butts Secondary Schools Poetry Slam ..."I'm not just burning off the years of my own life, I'm stealing them from those who love me"...11/12/2014 view
Risk of Contamination of Nigeria Taste Brown Beans The Ministry of Health would like to reiterate that while there have been no reports of direct contamination, the product Nigeria Taste Brown Beans is being recalled as a precaution.11/11/2014 view
NCRHA Public Board Meeting The North Central Regional Health Authority cordially invites you to their Public Board Meeting. Friday 7th November, 2014.11/4/2014 view
SWRHA Public Board Meeting The South-West Regional Health Authority cordially invites you [...] to its Public Board Meeting on Thursday 6th November, 2014, San Fernando City Hall Auditorium, Harris Promenade, San Fernando.11/3/2014 view
Keep Them Clean! The Ministry of Health encourages citizens to practice safe hygiene through regular hand washing...11/3/2014 view
800-CFDD The Ministry of Health wishes to advise that the Chemistry, Food and Drugs Division has a new toll free number: 800-CFDD.11/3/2014 view
The Ministry of Health Addresses Claims of an Ebola Cure ...The Ministry of Health would like to inform citizens that there is currently no vaccine or cure for the Ebola Virus Disease...10/25/2014 view
Illegal Sale of Triple Antibiotics Preparation ..."the products named: Triple Antibiotic Ointment, Neosporin Ointment are not registered for use in Trinidad and Tobago. The sale of these products is illegal."...10/16/2014 view
Ebola Virus Disease - Fact Sheet Learn about the Ebola Virus Disease and what you can do to prevent it.10/14/2014 view
Ride, Run, Walk for Breast Cancer Let's conquer Breast Cancer together, one mile at a time. Saturday 18th October, 2014, Macqueripe, Chaguaramas, 6:30am sharp.10/13/2014 view
World Mental Health Day 2014 The Ministry of Health commemorates World Mental Health Day: 10th October, 2014. The WHO's theme for 2014 is “Living with Schizophrenia”.10/10/2014 view
World Sight Day 2014 The Ministry of Health joins the rest of the world in observing World Sight Day on October 9th, 2014.10/8/2014 view
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