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World Health Day 2011
Thursday, April 07, 2011

The Ministry of Health joins the rest of the world in observing World Health Day, today, April 07, 2011. This year, World Health Day 2011 theme is ‘Combat Drug Resistance…..No Action Today, No Cure Tomorrow’, and is dedicated to protecting drugs used to treat infections and diseases which are critical to patient care and disease control globally.

Antimicrobial resistance, also known as drug resistance, occurs when micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites change in ways that render the medications used to cure the infections they cause ineffective. This drug resistance is a result of widespread use and misuse of antimicrobials in both humans and animals.

When the microorganisms become resistant to most antimicrobials they are often referred to as ‘superbugs’ and creates the need for new, more expensive and more complex treatments, which drive up the cost of health care. This is a major concern because a resistant infection may kill, can spread to others, and imposes huge costs to individuals and society. Antimicrobial resistance also hinders successful treatment and control of diseases like HIV, malaria and tuberculosis—three of the world's leading infectious killers.

The following inappropriate uses of medicines encourage the development and spread of drug resistance:

  • When persons do not follow the prescribed course of treatment eg a person stops taking an antimicrobial as soon as he feels better or to drink alcohol and resume the medication at a later
  • Patients taking antimicrobials when not under the proper supervision of a doctor
  • Substandard doses, low-quality medicines and wrong prescriptions

On World Health Day, the Ministry of Health is calling on all citizens to act now and take responsibility
for combating drug resistance.

Click here to read the full speech by the Minister of Health on World Health Day 2011

Isha Ramdoo, Minister of Health Therese Baptiste-Cornelis with Sarah-Lynn De Pont(Left) and Ravi Ramroop(Right),
Raj Ramroop, Vijantie Ramroop, Samantha Ramroop

Minister of Health Therese Baptiste-Cornelis with Sarah-Lynn De Pont (Left) and Ravi Ramroop (Right)

Minister of Health Therese Baptiste-Cornelis displays the Health Status Report Card

L-R-Cynthia Duke(Grandmother), CMO Dr Anton Cumberbatch,
Melisa Duke(Mother), Mya Duke(Sister), Rensyl Sebro(Brother)

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