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Welcome to the Statistics Centre.  Here you will be able to download detailed statistical information geared toward health professionals, decision makers, students and interested members of the public. 

The Ministry of Health strives to ensure the availability of health-related statistics in keeping with the Freedom of Information Act of the Government of Trinidad and Tobago.  Greater emphasis is also being placed on the collection and analysis of statistical information for evidence-based decision making with regard to public health policy.

Click on any of the reports listed below to download.  You will require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these reports.

Ministry of Health Statistical Reports

Annual Statistical Report 2009-2011

Adobe PDF 13.5MB, 242 pages

...'This data would inform that there should be increased health programmes for the elderly and more Day Care Facilities for the elderly. Programmes on health care for the younger age groups should also be a top priority to ensure healthier longer lives for the population.'...
[click here to download]

Annual Statistical Report 2006-2008

Adobe PDF 6.9MB, 230 pages

...'This data would inform that there should be increased health programmes for the elderly and more Day Care Facilities for the elderly. Programmes on health care for the younger age groups should also be a top priority to ensure healthier lives for the population..'...
[click here to download]

Annual Statistical Report 2004-2005

Adobe PDF 1.1MB, 190 pages

...'Except for the resurgence of dengue, resulting in an outbreak in 2002, and an epidemic of acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis in 2003, the over-all levels of communicable diseases in this country is on a downward trend. Cases of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) such as gonococcal urethritis decreased by fifteen percent (15%) from 2002 to 2003, AIDS-related deaths decreased by thirty-three percent (33%), while lab-confirmed tuberculosis cases declined by fourteen percent (14%) over the same period.'...
[click here to download]

Annual Statistical Report 2002-2003

Adobe PDF 5.5MB, 186 pages

...'This report covers the period 2002-2003, a period over which Trinidad and Tobago sustained improvements in its economy.  During this period, the Health Centres were upgraded, with a concomitant improvement in their services. This was evidenced by the number of mothers and infants seeking care at the Community Health Centres that showed a slight increase over the previous years. There was also increased activity at the Family Planning clinics, while more adults and children were noted to have accessed dental services compared to the past years.'...
[click here to download]

Annual Statistical Report 1999-2001

Adobe PDF 1.5MB, 248 pages

...'Heart disease, diabetes, and malignant neoplasms are still the major non-communicable disease (NCDs), with the number of deaths attributed to diabetes remaining relatively constant over this period. We are, however, encouraged by the decline in the number of deaths related to heart disease and malignant neoplasms. The promotion of healthy lifestyles is one the major objectives of the HSRP and the Ministry of Health remains committed to sustaining improvements in the health of the nation through this reform process.'...
[click here to download]


Annual Statistical Report 1996-1998
Adobe PDF 4.7MB, 272 pages

...'This report covers the activities of the Ministry of Health for the period 1996-1998, a period during which the Ministry grappled with the implementation of Health Sector Reform Programme (HSRP). One of the major challenges encountered is the devolution of authority to the Regional Health Authorities (RHAs) in order to more effectively manage the institutions under their purview. We are, however, mindful that this period represents only the initial phase of the health sector reform, and that the full implementation of reform programmes in some countries has taken more than a decade or so.'...   
[click here to download]


Annual Statistical Report 1994-1995

Adobe PDF 3.5MB, 179 pages

...'This report covers the activities of the Ministry of Health for the period 1994-1995, a period that was highlighted by the initiation of the Health Sector Reform Programme (HSRP) in 1994. This reform programme is aimed at improving the quality of health care in Trinidad and Tobago. This is expected to be achieved by changing organisational structures and behaviour, and by shifting health care expenditure patterns from tertiary and secondary services towards the establishment of an efficient, effective and equitable primary health care system.'...
[click here to download]


National Cancer Registry of Trinidad and Tobago

Cancer Statistical Report 2000-2002

Adobe PDF 308KB, 41 pages

...'For the period 2000 and 2002, 5222 new cases of cancer were registered. Of these 2694 were male and 2528 were female, (M: F ratio of 1.06). Cancer deaths for the same period were 3596, 1959 male and 1637 female (M:F ratio of 1.2). In comparison with the previous 1995 – 1999 report, the average number of new cases per year increased by 11% and a 35% increase in the average number of cancer deaths per year recorded by the registry. For the new cases an increase of 14% was noted for the new male cases and an 8% increase noted for the female cases. For the deaths due to cancer, a 37% increase was recorded amongst males and a 33% increase amongst females.'...
[click here to download]

Cancer Statistical Report 1995-1999

Adobe PDF 1MB, 72 pages

...'Between 1995 and 1999, 7834 new cases of cancer and 4426 cancer deaths were recorded in Trinidad and Tobago. The difference between the number of new cases in males (3926) and females (3908) was negligible (male: female ratio 1.00), but males outnumbered females for deaths (2378 versus 2048, male: female ratio 1.16.).  The incidence of cancer was strongly age-dependent, with less than 2% of tumours occurring in persons under the age of 15 years and 50% in persons aged 65 years and older. Almost half of all cancers, therefore, occurred in persons in the most productive age group (16-64 years.)'...
[click here to download]


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