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Diabetes Testing Equipment

CDAP now includes the provision of Blood Glucose Meters and Testing Strips

The Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, through the Ministry of Health, has expanded the Chronic Disease Assistance Programme (CDAP) to include the provision of Blood Glucose Meters and Testing Strips

How do I get my Blood Glucose Meter and Testing Strips?

To access the programme, the insulin using diabetic must do the following:-

  • Visit a doctor either privately (at his own cost) or at any of the public health institutions (free of charge).  The doctor will have an Assessment and Registration Form which he will complete in the presence of the patient and return the forms to the patient.

    • To register for this programme, all insulin using diabetics must have a valid computer generated Birth Certificate.  Senior Citizens who have problems receiving their Birth Certificates could register with the Diabetes Association who would assist them.  (The Ministry of Health would partner with the Diabetes Association and the Ministry of Legal Affairs to assist them in obtaining their Birth Certificate expeditiously).

    • Naturalized citizens should visit a Health Centre closest to them to register. They should walk with a copy of their Certificate of Naturalisation form to present to the doctor.

  • The insulin-using patient would then be required to take the completed Assessment and Registration forms to any of the designated outlets of the Trinidad and Tobago Postal Corporation (TTPost).  (A Schedule of the outlets will be attached once it has been finalised.)  There is no fee payable by the insulin using diabetic to TTPost.

  • The completed forms will be collated by TTPost, batched and forwarded to Resonance Trinidad Limited, who is responsible for processing the information of the insulin-using patients and creating individual electronic cards.

  • Resonance will then forward batches of the electronic cards to TTPost for distribution to the patients.

  • Once the forms have been properly completed, TTPost should be able to post the electronic card to the insulin-using patients within twenty-one (21) working days.  (This is to be confirmed).

  • If the Assessment and Registration Forms have not been properly completed, the individual insulin-using patient will be contacted by Resonance to obtain further information.

  • Once the patient receives his electronic card, the relevant supplier of the blood glucose meter shall contact the patient in order to determine a convenient time and place to collect the meter and to receive training in its maintenance and use.  (The suppliers have contracted various pharmacists throughout the country to assist in this distribution).

  • After receiving the meter and the requisite training, each patient can access an initial supply of testing strips for a period of two (2) months by using the electronic card at any of the CDAP participating pharmacies.  The number of testing strips to be received will allow for testing twice daily. 

  • At the end of the first two (2) month period, the insulin using diabetics must visit a doctor either privately (at their own cost) or any of the public health institutions (free of charge) for a prescription to facilitate the supply of testing strips for a further two (2) months.  (This is to ensure that the patients are regularly monitored by a physician).

For further information or clarification, you may call the CDAP Hotline at 800-CDAP

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