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CFDD: Pesticides and Toxic Chemicals Inspectorate

The Pesticide and Toxic Chemicals Inspectorate (PTCI) ensure that all pesticides used within Trinidad and Tobago meet international standards and also ensure that the premises where these items are used and stored meet the established regulations.  Also, workers and the environment are monitored to ensure that any exposure is within established international limits.  The PTCI operates as a unit under the Chemistry, Food and Drugs Division.

The legal framework for the operations of the Inspectorate is the "Pesticides and Toxic Chemicals Act, No. 42 of 1979" (Amended - Act No. 11 of 1986 and No. 2 of 2004) and its Regulations, known as the "Pesticides (Registration and Import Licensing) Regulation of 1987".

Who does the Pesticide and Toxic Regulation apply to?
Pesticide Importers, Distributors, Manufacturers, Agroshops, Pest Control Operators, Pet Shops, Supermarkets, Pharmacies, Hardware, Landscapers, Formulators, Swimming Pool Supply Companies.

Who needs a license to operate?
Any individual or company who imports, sells, stores, packages or manufactures a pesticide within Trinidad and Tobago is required to obtain a license to do so.  In order to import, the product in question must be registered.

What types of licenses are required and how do I obtain one?
The table below shows each license, as well as the application process and fees:

License Application Process Required Documentation Application Timeframe Application Deadlines / Limits Fees
Pesticide Registration

  • Submit completed application form
  • Publication in daily paper
  • await public comment
  • Products reviewed by screening committee
  • Products approved by the board
  • Registration certificate prepared
n/a 120 days from receipt of completed application form Application can be made at any time $750

Financial Heading 3/6 HE 1-003
Import License

  • Submission of completed application form
  • Submission of authorization letter if necessary
  • import license prepared

Proof of Product Registration and/or authorization from the manufacturer of the product

3 days from receipt of completed application form The application must be made at least three days before arrival of the product $150

Financial Heading 3/6 HE 1-004
Premises License

  • Submission of completed application form
  • Inspection of premises
  • Premises license prepared


n/a 2 weeks to 1 month providing all requirements are met Licensing period:
1st July of current year to 30th June of following year

Financial Heading 3/6 HE 1-005

Payments are made at the nearest District Revenue Office / Wardens Office.


Other related services include:

  • Pesticide Formulation and residue analysis
  • Training in handling and harvesting of pesticides and pest control operators certification


How do I contact the Inspectorate?
The Inspectorate's Head Office address is:

The Pesticides and Toxic Chemicals Unit,
Chemistry, Food and Drugs Division

3rd Floor
#92 Frederick Street,

Phone: (868)-623-7544; Fax: (868)-623-2477

Downloads - General Information:

Downloads - Application Forms for Businesses, Importers and Manufacturers:

Notices and other downloads:

Updates / Downloads:
NOTICE: Requirements for Premises Licensed for the Sale of Pesticides in Hazard Classes 1A and 1B


Notice Summary (please download the full notice):
With effect from 1st January, 2005, retailers and wholesalers of pesticides will be required to keep up-to-date records of receipts and sales of those pesticides which fall under hazard classes 1A and 1B (GRAMOXONE, LANNATE, AMIDOR, VYDATE L, TEMIK 15 G, FURADAN 5 G, STELADONE 300 EC), in accordance with Section 20(c), Part III of the Pesticides (Licensing of Premises) Regulations, 1987

Click here to download the full notice
( Adobe Acrobat PDF, 29KB)

NOTICE: Businesses related to Pesticide and Toxic Chemicals


Notice Summary (please download the full notice):
Notice to ALL Agro Shops, Pesticide Importers, Pesticide Manufacturers, Pest Control Operators, Pet Shops, Hardware Stores, Landscapers, Chemical Supply and Swimming Pool Companies.

Click here to download the full notice
( Adobe Acrobat PDF, 23KB)

Overview of the Pesticides and Toxic Chemicals Inspectorate

What are the duties of the Inspectorate?  What does an inspector have the right to do under the Pesticides and Toxic Chemicals Act?

Click here to download the overview
( Adobe Acrobat PDF, 415KB)


Requirements for Registration of a Pesticide in Trinidad and Tobago

An application for the registration of a pesticide shall be addressed to the Board and submitted in duplicate to the Registrar by the manufacturer  or his agent.  Completed application form to be prepared, signed and stamped by the manufacturer on the original form.

Click here to download the full requirements
( Adobe Acrobat PDF, 27KB)


The Pesticides (Import Licensing) Regulations 1987

Be sure to download this pamphlet containing details on the Pesticides (Import Licensing) Regulations 1987

Click here to download the pamphlet
( Adobe Acrobat, 624KB)


Requirements for the Labeling of Retail Packages of Pesticides in Trinidad and Tobago

Importers and Manufacturers:  The labels on all retail packages of pesticides that are offered for sale, or sold, shall comply with certain requirements.  Download this document to ensure that your pesticide retail packages are in compliance.

Click here to download the requirements
( Adobe Acrobat, 22KB)


Pesticide Precautions and Tips (Farmers)


Learn about the precautions that you can take to ensure the safe use of pesticides.  This document contains tips primarily for farmers.  Some tips can be applied to households as well.

Click here to download the pesticide precautions
( Adobe Acrobat, 53KB)

Precautions for the use of Household Insecticidal Products

Read these important tips for the use of household insecticidal products such as aerosols, mosquito coils, insect repellents and more.

Click here to download this document
( Adobe Acrobat, 22KB)

Tips to Prevent Children from Pesticide Poisoning

Children can be most vulnerable to pesticide products in the home.  Download these important tips to help you do your best to prevent pesticide poisoning within your home and environs.

Click here to download these important tips
( Adobe Acrobat, 23KB)

How to reduce pesticides in your home

Read these tips on how you can reduce pesticides in your home.  Some of these tips are both simple and practical to implement.

Click here to download these tips
( Adobe Acrobat, 42KB)


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