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National Cancer Registry


Dr. Elizabeth Quamina Cancer Registry


Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex, Mt. Hope
Contact: (868) 663-3356, (868)-645-2640 ext. 3710



About the Cancer Registry
The Elizabeth Quamina Cancer Registry serves as the National Cancer Registry of Trinidad and Tobago.  The Registry collects and publishes data on cancer within Trinidad and Tobago.  Such data equips healthcare professionals with evidenced-based information to understand and address cancer in Trinidad and Tobago more effectively.

The Dr. Elizabeth Quamina Cancer Registry was named after its pioneer and founder who died in 1997. This population-based registry was established in September 1994 as a project of the Trinidad and Tobago Cancer Society. The staff at that time was part-time and either voluntary or on loan from the Port of Spain City Corporation and the Ministry of Health. Cancer Registry procedures were established according to internationally accepted guidelines set by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC). Advisory and Management Committees were established to advise and guide the Director and Registrar, to formulate policies and procedures and to assist in mobilizing resources.

The Dr. Elizabeth Quamina Cancer Registry, the National Cancer Registry, is operated and managed in accordance with the National Health Service Plan and Policy established by the Ministry of Health and International standards. It has an Advisory Committee and a Management Committee, which support the Director and the Registrar.

The Advisory committee:

  • Provides technical guidance to the Management Committee;
  • Monitors the development of the Registry; and
  • Approves the annual budget.

The Management Committee:

  • Formulates policies, procedures and guidelines for the efficient and effective running of the Registry and
  • Develops annual budget

The staff of the Elizabeth Quamina Cancer Registry is fully committed to providing the policy makers with the necessary information to improve the care of cancer patients in Trinidad and Tobago.


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