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National Surveillance Unit (Epidemiology Division)

The National Surveillance Unit monitors and coordinates all disease outbreaks in order to curtail and reduce the spread of diseases on a global level, thereby maintaining the health status of the nation to its near and possible optimum status.
The role of the National Surveillance Unit is to monitor all Infectious and Communicable Diseases, including Food Borne Illnesses. The National Surveillance Unit is the custodian of all positive HIV/ AIDS cases in Trinidad and Tobago.

The National Surveillance Unit coordinates all Disease and Food borne Outbreaks by alerting the Chief Medical Officer, Director of Trinidad Public Health Laboratory and all other relevant entities and gives guidance where necessary.

All Health Centres report to their respective County Medical Officer of Health Office and the County Medical Officer of Health office collates the Health Centre’s Report and forwards it to the National Surveillance Unit (Infectious and Communicable Diseases including Food Borne Illness) on a weekly basis. Outbreaks are reported immediately.

Quarterly and Annual reports of all Communicable and Infectious Diseases including HIV/AIDS are produced and disseminated. Short term researches/ surveys/ studies are also produced e.g. Chicken Pox 2002, Streptococcal 2004, Tinea Capitis 2005 (presently).

Contact information:
Level 1, Sacred Heart Building
Sackville Street
Port of Spain
Telephone: (868)-624-7998 or  (868)-285-9126
Fax           : 623-0601

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