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Trinidad and Tobago Opticians Registration Council

The TTORC is the statutory body appointed by the Ministry of Health to regulate the professions of optometry and dispensing optics in Trinidad and Tobago.

It is mandatory to register with the Council before practicing either as an optometrist or dispensing optician in Trinidad and Tobago. A registration form can be downloaded from this site - please go to the registration page for instructions.

It is also strongly recommended that before you practice in this country, you download and read the present Optometric Legislation - please go to the legislation page.

Information for Council use and general viewing are available on the download page
26/3/06 UK GOC Rules regarding fitting of contact lenses link

Members are invited to comment on this document relating to the practice of contact lens fitting by dispensing opticians in Trinidad and Tobago. Please address any communications to the Secretary or Assistant Secretary. Alternatively, you can email to

Council Members
How to Register
List of Registered Optometrists, Dispensing Opticians and Companies
Contact the Council

Latest News and Updates
The Trinidad and Tobago Opticians Registration Council (TTORC) is now recognizing graduates in Optometry from the Philippines.

Council Members

Dr. Akenath Misir Chief Medical Officer and Chairman
Dr. Kim Hosein Nominated by the Medical Board of Trinidad and Tobago
Mr. Kelly Bainey Secretary, Nominated by the Dispensing Opticians Association of
Trinidad and Tobago
Ms. Janelle King Nominated by the Trinidad and Tobago Optometrists Association
Mr. Nigel St Rose Nominated by the Trinidad and Tobago Optometrists Association
Mr. Jones Efienemokwu Nominated by the Trinidad and Tobago Optometrists Association
Mr. Avind Mahabir Nominated by the Dispensing Opticians Association of Trinidad and Tobago

How to Register

In order to register, you need to complete a registration form which can be obtained from a Council member or downloaded from this site.

Registration Form

All Optometrists/Dispensing Opticians applying for Registration with the Trinidad & Tobago Opticians’ Registration Council must complete the Registration Form.

Original documents required:

  1. University Certificate with Seal
  2. Certificate of Registration as an Optometrist/Dispensing Optician with Seal
  3. A letter of good standing from the Council/Board presently registered with dated within three (3) months of application
  4. Passport
  5. Police certificate of good character
  6. Two (2) recent character references from previous employers

Laminated documents will not be accepted

The Optometrist/Dispensing Optician must personally submit:

  1. Application Form
  2. Passport size photos
  3. All the original documents and one copy of each to any two members of the Council and then to the Secretary
All applicants must be interviewed by the Council before registration is granted.


It is recommended that new registrants download and read the current Trinidad and Tobago Optometry Acts:

The Opticians Registration Act 1960

The Opticians Act Amendment 1987

If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader you can download the software from the Adobe site.

Contact the Council

If you wish to contact the Council - email the Secretary, Kelly Bainey at the following email address:

The Trinidad and Tobago Optometrist Association(TTOA) can be contacted at:


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