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Executive Management Team

The Ministry of Health Executive Management Team:
Department Head Phone / Fax

Minister of Health

Honourable Dr. Fuad Khan

Tel: 627-0010 ext. 1602
Fax: 627-2139

Permanent Secretary

Mrs. Christine Sookram

Tel: 627-0010 ext. 1619

Chief Medical Officer


Dr. Colin Furlonge

Tel: 627-0010 ext. 1615
Tel: 625-8883 or 625-0066

Deputy Permanent Secretary

Mr. Asif Ali

Tel: 627-0010 ext. 1629
Tel: 623-0734

Deputy Permanent Secretary

Ms. Lydia Jacobs

Tel: 627-0010 ext. 1629
Tel: 623-0734

Director, Finance & Accounts

Ms. Geeta Maharaj

Tel: 627-0010 ext. 1321
Tel: 624-8584

Director, Human Resources 

Ms. Brenda Jeffers

Tel: 627-0010 ext. 1414
Tel: 627-0040

Programme Manager ICT

Mr. Ryan Ramcharan 

Tel: 623-3147

Project Manager, Project Management Unit

Mr. Ronald Koylass

Tel: 645-3654

Legal Advisor

Ms. Bhabie Roopchand

Tel: 627-0010 ext. 1646
Tel: 625-0346

Senior Health Systems Advisor

Mr. Stewart Smith 

Tel: 662-2781 

Adviser, Health Promotion Communications and Public Health


Dr. Rohit Doon

Tel: 627-0010 ext. 1631
Tel: 623-7834

Chief Nursing Officer

Dr. Oscar Ocho

Tel: 627-0010 ext. 1627
Tel: 624-7052

Office and General Administration

Ms. Janet Cyrus

Tel: 627-0010 ext. 1409
Tel: 627-0040

Director, International Cooperation Desk

Mr. David Constant

Tel: 627-0010 ext. 1545
Tel: 624-4210

Principal Medical Officer

Dr. Colin Furlonge

Tel: 627-0010 ext. 1632

Specialist Medical Officer

Dr. Mutchinson Melville

Tel: 627-0010 ext. 1613
Tel: 623-0245

Medical Director, Health Programmes and Technical Support Services

Dr. Kumar Sundaraneedi

Tel: 627-0010 ext. 1519
Tel: 623-2397

Auditor III

Ms. Sarita Ghouralal

Tel: 627-0010 ext. 1205
Tel/Fax: 623-9754

Manager, Corporate Communications

Ms. Gina Joseph

Tel: 625-7979

Manager ICT 

Mr. Heera Rampaul

Tel: 623-9756

Manager, Change / Transition

Ms. Patrice Melissa Valentine

Tel: 627-0010 ext. 1513

Manager, Health Education / Health Promotion

Ms. Yvonne Lewis 

Tel: 627-1090

Health Sector Advisor

Ms. Dianne Dhanpath 

Tel: 627-0010 ext. 1221

Health Quality

Ms. Ingrid Allan 

Tel: 627-0010 ext. 1515

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